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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh, There It Is!

I’ve found my creativity. It’s stuck in a dusty closet somewhere in the back of my right brain. Someone forgot to turn out the lights and I saw it through the crack underneath the door. If it weren’t so damn crowded in my left brain, I would have gotten to it sooner.

I don’t know when I “lost” my imagination, my creativity, or my intelligent skepticism. That is, a skepticism contrary to the kind I’ve practiced lately (see below) in a kind of cynical—as opposed to academic—manner. Can anyone be blamed except myself? Well, other than pointing the finger at one of the few surviving members of my family, I’ll say that the senior high school- first year college atmosphere takes the majority of the blame.

I think sometime during the course of applying to college, or writing my first long research paper, I shoved my creativity into that closet thinking I could get to it easier at a later time, when I’d cleared out all that academic mess floating around. Well, I pretty much forgot about it though unconsciously I kept walking by that closet on a daily basis, reaching out for it without knowing. You can call them hobbies, passions, sports, or living life; I kept a barrier between myself and my imagination for a long time—

Because we all know that academia is very mature, and mature is cool. Right.

The reason for my infatuation with higher education? I don’t really wish to list all the details because I can’t really recall them all, but tonight I realized that I admire good, honest, intelligent, and charismatic professors. I’ve been lucky until now. Now I have the professors that know a lot of stuff but lack the character to present it in a digestible and interesting format.

But there I go bitching again—which itself brings up a good point: Do you notice that people get fired up over negative things more than positive things? I mean of course the news media does, but don’t we all prefer to have people listen to our problems than share positive experiences? Must just be my family.

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