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Sunday, October 30, 2005

On Pipes and Tobacco Discussion

In a really strange sequence of events, I've come to realize just how lowsy the forum I formerly used was. Sparing you all the drama and sparing myself the trouble of copying and pasting it all, you may venture to ASP through Google Groups or visit GrayFox Online Forum and search for pipes.org in either place.

The short end of the story:
Due to growing frustration with the lack of interesting material at pipes.org, I stopped posting there around August. In subsequent conversations with two users there I realized that the forum had been managed poorly and was part of my discontent, though not the majority. I retreated to ASP, and though I don't post often due to school work and the like distractions of college life, I enjoyed the communal atmosphere there. Then the subject of pipes.org administration was brought up in a thread at ASP, where I vented my hostilities publicly and found the GrayFox forum. Subsequently I met a lot of my previous mentors from pipes.org having a grand time and really chatting it up at GrayFox. Let's say I've found a new home for pipe discussion and information.

In Other Worldly News

After impatient waiting and unnecessary stressing over the matter, I finally received a motorcycle last weekend. I say "received" because my grandmother purchased it for me in Knoxville without my knowledge, and she even paid for half of it. I do have a wonderful grandmother.

Pictures can be seen at http://community.websots.com/user/caesar424 in the Motorcycles album.

I'm still trying to get used to the bike, but I've logged about 600 miles so far. Time to get some winter riding gear!

On God's Plan

Well, I didn't keep the promise I made to myself walking up to my apartment: I'd post an entry before I read my e-mail. No big loss, I just don't feel as motivated to write anymore. However, I feel like I need to post a few things just to bring this journal up to speed.

In the past few weeks I've experienced what can only be described as a "spiritual awakening." I've been searching for something in myself, searching for God since before my grandfather passed away. I even brought the subject up to him and he gave me the kind of reply that makes me admire him so much as a man and son of God--"I started feeling the need for the spirit in my life, and I did a lot of hard thinking and reading before I finally accepted Christ. If you give it time, and truly feel it in your heart, you'll find him. It's a personal experience than I can't 'make happen.'" I've paraphrased a thirty minute conversation as best as memory permits, but I think you get the gist.

In order to speak candidly about these things, I should point out that the things I say may sound strange to the ears of those who have not experienced, but I must speak so in order to feel the Spirit. If you knew me in high school, or last year in college, I may sound like a completely different person. If you think that, there's good reason to believe so. I am.

My walk with God took a tremendous step in the right direction about three weeks ago and continues 'til today. I want to share that with you as succinctly and openly as possible without writing a testimony:

I came to the realization that all my life I had been viewing God from my own perspective. "Well, duh!" you might say, but hear me out. When focused through the eyes and intellect of man, God appears as some omnipotent father figure high aloft a throne or pedestal far out of reach with man and Christ appears as an intercessor, a messenger. In a small sense that is true, but it misses the point entirely. In order to really get in your spirit, you have to view things from God's perspective, which is impossible with the human intellect. That's precisely why you use your spirit instead of your mind. Somehow this magnificent channel opens and reveals to you the concept of God's plan. The reason that so many people don't understand it is because they lack this perspective, and we all lack the ability to share the experience with one another. It truly is a personal experience.

There are various ways to accomplish this sort of connection, but the best way is through prayer. This is coming from a formerly ardent naysayer of the power of prayer. It's amazing what the Lord can do for you.

There are so many thoughts swimming through my head from day to day, I only come to peace when my mind focuses on the Word. Through the Word I can experience Him, just by calling on His name. I learned this handy technique from a pamphlet entitled "Pray-Reading the Word." To learn more about my experience, the best way is to share in the experience with gropus on campus or in your life that can guide you in the right direction. If you're interested check out the website below for general information and full texts.

Living Stream Ministries

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I can't believe its been an entire month. Life's been flying at me pretty fast and I have a few papers to do now that class has picked back up. Normally I right about my observations and try not to complain too much, but lately I just can't help it.

Pettiness -- Why do people fight over trivial things? Triviality is itself subjective and prone to argument, but really, when I sit down to eat at the restaraunt for which you work, I don't want to hear lame-ass excuses about how your feet hurt because you work three jobs. If I make polite conversation with you, don't bring me down to a silly level by talking about bullshit. I want substance, and I demand it in conversation.

Time to stop wasting words on this one and move on -- just as all you "triflin' bitches" out there need to do.