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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day

Was quite uneventful except for the drive. Less the drama at home it was pretty much relaxing and greatly-needed. I visited friends I've been meaning to visit for along time and learned a few things about myself that I want to share.

I'm a hypocrite on many things. I've made peace with that.

I may listen and understand, but I don't state that enough with positive feedback. Instead I argue.

Analytical minds--that is, perfectionists--tend to overanalyze everything, including themselves. Wait, that's me too.

"Patience is a virture." And it is a virtue which I do not possess in great quantities, though that too I am working on.

I've also learned that sometimes the greatest feeling of complacency and contentment can be found on a cool breezy day when the sun is shining just enough to feel warm on your face; when the scent of the earth fills the air and the intoxicating aroma cleanses your body; when God's beauty is on full display and his truth hidden in science yet undiscovered; when everything seems right only for a moment, but that moment is eternal.

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