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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I can't believe its been an entire month. Life's been flying at me pretty fast and I have a few papers to do now that class has picked back up. Normally I right about my observations and try not to complain too much, but lately I just can't help it.

Pettiness -- Why do people fight over trivial things? Triviality is itself subjective and prone to argument, but really, when I sit down to eat at the restaraunt for which you work, I don't want to hear lame-ass excuses about how your feet hurt because you work three jobs. If I make polite conversation with you, don't bring me down to a silly level by talking about bullshit. I want substance, and I demand it in conversation.

Time to stop wasting words on this one and move on -- just as all you "triflin' bitches" out there need to do.

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