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Sunday, August 28, 2005

There's That Song... Who Sang "No More Mr. Nice-Guy!"

I enjoy being that kind of person. It makes me feel good and generally makes others happy too. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want, or that I’m manipulative. Sometimes there is being “too nice” though. Had to learn that today.

Reminded me of a conversation I had last week at a gaming store. But first a quick digression… (I have too many hobbies. Way too many. I think I’ve found that I take on new hobbies mainly to gather new knowledge. I enjoy going in depth in concentrated areas of know-how, wisdom, and ability. Its an outlet for the various forms of passion that have always welled up within me. Having too many hobbies makes me spend too much money. I recognize this and am trying to correct it by dropping a hobby; however, just as soon as I decide to give up a hobby, I pick it back up again with new enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, in my experience, equals more money. Its not wasted as long as I’m having a good time, but in retrospect things always look different. Maybe I should just pick up a new hobby—becoming a minimalist. Right…)

So much for a “quick” digression. Anyway, I walked into the gaming store with the intention of not buying anything. That intention held up quite fine, but I did have a nice chat with the store’s attendant. Turns out a lot of my frustration (some of which was ultimately centered on my roommate and other friends) stemmed from the fact I was a “nice guy” at the expense of being walked upon. I became a pushover, but it took someone else’s insight to fill me in. I recognized some obvious character flaws that lead to being a pushover, one of which is an overconfidence in my abilities as a whole, especially organization and performance. I hold a lot of potential, but as Brock recently stated “[Human] potential is a waste… it is basically doing nothing when it could be utilized or developed. Who said humans were efficient?” Sorry for the paraphrase, Brock.

See “ASSertion” below. Keep in mind however, that being a “nice guy” has its own rewards, even if I’m currently jaded by my status as one.

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