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Friday, August 26, 2005

A Pipe and a Friend

Last night I went to Tobacconists of Raleigh with Brock. I had forgotten that Debbie, the proprietor, cooked dinner every Thursday for all the customers. Finally got to have some really fine eastern-style barbecue, then sat for a few hours and bullshitted with the fellas.

I bought two Fonsecas because they were pluming and BOGO, so you know I couldn’t say “No.” To smoke while I was there, I purchased a Bohemia Maduro that was pluming as well. That was one tasty smoke, first really creamy maduro I’ve had. Finished with some spice, didn’t get too hot and stayed lit. It ran a little uneven, but that’s forgiveable. Afterward I had a pipe full of Solani Silver Flake in my virginia pipe. That was truly a fine tobacco, the only virginia I’ve had that didn’t really bite my tongue, and it had loads of wine-like undertones with full flavor. At $28 for a 100g, I think I’ll shy away from it for now, I’ve got way too much other pipe tobacco to try first.

All and all a very enjoyable experience. Hanging out with real people in a real laid back environment where everyone is just who they are, no fronts—that’s special. I learned a good bit and I think I’ve got my cigar smoking friend to think about pipes. All in all, a good night, I’d say.

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