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Monday, August 29, 2005

Cynicism and Skepticism in a Rational Mind

Being a cynic and a skeptic isn’t worth the effort I’ve put into it. I mean, don’t we all grow out of this immature stage of rationalization and debate for the sake of itself on trivial issues? If you ask my previous roommate, you’d find that that is not the case.

However, it has become the case for me. Trivializing everyday affairs is trivializing the value of your time. Something similar (more directly related to God’s law) is alluded to in the Bible, book of Matthew I believe. I will spare you the quotation partially due to laziness and partially due to my concern for changing the mood of this post.

It belittles the generally good ideas that come to fruition through the natural creative process. I mean, if one wishes to have the best garden in terms of biomass, he does not prune back any branches or pluck any weed. What he reaps is an ugly mess bereft with several other incumbent problems (insects, snakes, decreased flower yields, etc.). The same is true for the mind.

If one wishes to have a fertile mind, he must prune back excessively verbose thought lacking real substance, which will allow the other vines and branches of thought to bear greater fruite; likewise he must pluck weeds of triviality lest they overtake the garden of thought and prevent it from showing its true beauty and substance.

You may use that if you wish, preferably cited as my own thoughts, but certainly required no further than your own ethics will force.

I guess I haven’t mentioned feeling better since performing some routine gardening of my soul and mind. “I feel better, thanks for asking.”

Have a good evening!

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