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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Follow Up: Have I Found the Liberal Economists

Wall Street also posted today in their "Informed Reader" section a short blurb about heterodox economists.

"The so-called heterodox economists question some of Adam Smith's conclusions that "markets, private property and minimal government will achieve maximum welfare," says heterodox economist David Ruccio of the University of Notre Dame. Beyond that, heterodox economists have a wide variety of positions, ranging from those who question whether humans are as rational as neoclassical economists assume to those who argue that an unequal distribution of power affects how markets work."

The article goes on to describe how their research is ignored, their ideas are gaining momentum, social mores are changing, &c. which leads me to believe that these are, in fact, the missing link--liberal economists.

But, does this logic force conservatism into the mainstream?

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Juris Naturalist said...

Much nicer format. Austrians are the ultimate Heterodoxy. Why should there be a mainstream anyway? Just to silence the fringe?!?