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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quotes for Today

These are actually quotes from yesterday that I discussed with Joel while sutdying the Resurrection. The first quote is my own, the second Joel's, and the last is less a quote than an observation.

In today's society, the selfishness and materialism of everyday living can be reflected in: "We love the things we use and use the ones we love."

This quote might require some explanation. The best summation I can come up with is that God does not want good citizens in his kingdom. Any atheist can be a good person by respecting the law and living a wholesome life. In order to receive the reward, you must lead a good life through God, then you will be part of Him. Hence: "Don't be good, be God."

Simply being a good person would not make an atheist qualified for heaven in the hereafter. This is the catalyst for me last observation: "Nothing occurs by coincidence." Everything is part of a plan. I've heard it stated that nothing is coincidence but some things co-incide. That is to say, nothing happens by happenstance, but sometimes things occur at the same time for a reason.

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