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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Open Question

Why is it that narcissistic secular hedonist feel the need to mock the Holy Bible? I ask this not out of frustration, but out of sheer sadness.

Are they really that ignorant? Do they mock the works of Plato, Aristotle, and (what we know of) Socrates? Or is it just contemporary transcendental contemplation they make their target?

There is something to be gained from the contemplation of that beyond ourselves. Some of the aforementioned ignoramuses may, in fact, find themselves terribly clever and witty. It's a shame the greatest gift of intelligence should go to such a waste.

"I should've been a philosopher..."

1 comment:

Juris Naturalist said...

The Bible is exclusivist.

It sets itself apart by claiming to be better than all the other books.

No one likes to be proven wrong.
That's why they accused Socrates, too. He was smarter than the rest of them.

We ought not be surprised when they despise us, and our Bible. Sadness, or grief, for the despising is the proper response.