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Monday, November 20, 2006


So, its pretty much obvious that everyone's major in college gives them a different lens through which to view the world, especially if that major is right for them.

This is holds even truer (word?) in grad students, I think.

My question is: why did I have to pick a major that everyone thinks *they* know something about?


Juris Naturalist said...

If your theory is right, and if there is something to be gained by having a broader lens, we should strive to make interdisciplinary connections with our work.
Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know anything about economics...

Jeff said...

Thank you for proving my last point. :-P

I think you bring up a good point. Of course, to reap the full benefits of specialization in education, cross-curriculum education would require a kind of "groupthink."

I prefer saying "I don't know" to being part of a collective.